The End of Our Key West Vacation… and More!

While this post comes very belatedly (and let’s ignore the fact that I’m combining both Friday and Saturday in one post), I figured I’d write about the end to this vacation, and talk about the direction of the blog.

Our Friday in Key West was a very relaxed and very lazy day. We had nothing planned for the day. Our only goal was to go to a restaurant to eat, because Key West is a gold mine of independent restaurants that each uniquely capture the charm and character of the Keys.

We had a lot of groceries to use, so we ate breakfast and lunch at the condo. Our next place on the agenda: the pool.

We relaxed here for the late morning and afternoon, and enjoyed the company of a new friend, Dominic, a 60-something from North Carolina. It was during this time we decided upon our last restaurant of the trip: Hogfish Bar and Grill, a place about twelve minutes outside of Key West on an island called Stock Island. This place was rated well on TripAdvisor, Pinterest, and by Dominic, who had dined there earlier in the week. It was well known for being “the local’s” place, an “off the beaten path” type of dive.

After we had left the pool and cleaned up, we all piled into our (rarely used) rental van to head over to Stock Island. Because Hogfish Bar and Grill is considered a local restaurant, it’s location attests to this as well. It’s located amongst houses and trailers, making a GPS a very helpful device when trying to find the restaurant.

IMG_2327There was a fifteen minute wait to be seated, so we took a seat in the waiting area and enjoyed the music of the restaurant.

IMG_2333 IMG_2331 IMG_2330We were seated at a picnic table (if that doesn’t speak to the atmosphere of the restaurant, I don’t know what does!), and given menus. Again, I can’t emphasize enough how great the atmosphere of this restaurant was. Incredible. The restaurant also featured a local musician, who played a mix of old and new island-style songs on his guitar. The music was fantastic!

All week long I had the biggest craving for a lobster roll, so after locating it on the menu, I ordered that with a side of fries. It did not disappoint.

IMG_2328This lobster roll had SO much lobster stuffed into the bun that I couldn’t figure out how to eat it at first! Every single bite was delicious. And the fries were amazing. They were seasoned-to-perfection-crispy-yet-soft bites of deliciousness. This was one of my favourite meals of the entire trip.

After our fantastic meal was finished, we paid the bill and and went back home.

The next morning, we slept in (our flight wasn’t until 5-something), ate breakfast, and packed up our belongings. We drove the four hours through the Keys, and stopped at a Denny’s (located close to the Ft. Lauderdale Airport), and once we finished there, headed to the airport. We checked in, and received the update that our flight was delayed an hour.Β IMG_2336

All the seating was taken when we arrived at the gate, so we plopped ourselves down, and kept busy during the wait. Eventually we boarded the plane, and it was an easy flight back to Buffalo.


IMG_2339And that’s it, the end of our trip. It was fun, filled with delicious food, and it was over in a blink of an eye.

And now a message about the direction of the blog…

In one image of a perfect world (there are several other images, e.g. having a full time teaching job is definitely another!), I would have the type of lifestyle where I could travel and write about it. Unfortunately, this is not the reality yet. With one year of school left, and a minimum wage job supporting my lifestyle, it’s difficult to achieve this goal as of now.

As a result, a blog detailing a life of travel will not be all that appears on meggsandtoast. For now, consider it a miscellaneous blog of the trials and tribulations of a 20-something.

And we’ll leave it at that for now! πŸ™‚

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