CZECH out this Post!!

Prague is as beautiful as it is… strange.

By day, it’s a city with staggering beauty. With every twist and turn you’ll see stunning architecture that dates back to the Baroque and Rococo periods. Pastel colours adorn buildings to create a fairytale setting, and if you seek a higher viewpoint, you’ll find yourself gazing at hundreds of red roofs that span for miles and miles.

Even at 2am when Jasmine and I arrived at our hostel, this beauty was evident.


Due to issues with checking in so late, Jasmine and I opted to save money and not book a hostel for the night we arrived. Instead, we opted to stay out in the city and stay up all night until it was time to check in.

I wouldn’t recommend this plan of action in every country, but because nightlife in Prague essentially never stops, we felt that there would be more than enough places to spend our time until we could check in.

One positive thing that came out of this decision, is we got the opportunity to photograph Prague while there were no people around. Prague by day is very busy (and even that is an understatement). This is why a lot of the initial pictures I posted made it appear that Prague was a ghost town.


However, what pictures don’t show, is that this was probably my lowest point of the trip (although I say this with a bit of a laugh). It’s one thing to say you’ll stay up all night, and it’s another thing to actually do it.

Jasmine and I were both exhausted from staying up all night. We looked like zombies. Add to the mix that I had busted my knee and was in a solid amount of pain. Then add to the mix that it started pouring rain for a good hour and we were caught in a bit of it.

Fastforward to the part where we are both sitting on the couches in the hostel cold, tired, and wet, and literally dozing off. Thankfully the hostel took pity on us and let us check in early. Thanks Prague Square Hostel!

But I forgot to explain the strange aspect to Prague!

Within the first three hours of walking around Prague in the dead of night, we ran into a diner that also was a nightclub, some dude asking around for MDMA, a guy peeing on the street with his wang full out, and some guys with a real craving for ice cream that would tell anyone who would listen. It was an interesting welcome to Prague to say the least.

And there were also strange names for restaurants and just overall unique signs around the city.


Overall, our Prague experience was great! The rest of this post will be filled with cool stuff we did and recommendations for future travellers.

Length of Stay
While we spent five full days there (due to the fact that it was the cheapest flight package we could find), I would really only suggest that Prague needs two days. Three if you want to venture out and do a day trip.

Prague is known for their nightlife. It’s actually considered the “Amsterdam of Central Europe”.

Jasmine and I didn’t explore this fully enough. While I would definitely say we lived up the nightlife, we didn’t explore the breadth of it. Prague is home to very unique pubs and clubs and I would encourage anyone who is planning a trip to Prague to do some thorough research into this.

What we did do is go to a nightclub called Karlovy Lazne, which is known for being the biggest nightclub in Central Europe. This place is INSANE. It has five floors, each with a different theme of music. It also has this place called the Hyper Room. Can’t really explain it here. Just go and you’ll know what I mean. Strange stuff.


Ironically, when we went to Prague, we spent three days out of our trip eating pizza for dinner. Neither of us really did any research and we were both surprised to learn there was a huge Italian influence in Prague. And that was reason enough to justify our pizza expeditions.

It was really important to both of us to try a traditional Czech meal, and on a random whim we stopped into a restaurant that advertised this (again, probably not the greatest traveller decision in terms of finding the best Czech restaurant or the cheapest).

Here we ordered a goulash dish with dumplings. It was fantastic!


Dessert wise, Czech (and a bunch of other Central European countries) has a traditional dessert called trdelnik, which is a combination of a traditional cake and a sweet pastry. Jasmine and I love dessert as much as we love food, and it wasn’t hard to find, so we ate this on our first day in Prague.


How good does that look!?

However, the dessert highlight of our trip was from a place called Good Food. Jasmine and I had both been tagged by different people, multiple times, in this Insta post of a donut ice cream cone with nutella on the inside. Going into Prague we knew we had to find this.


This did NOT disappoint. GO TO THIS PLACE, GET THIS DESSERT. It was amazing.

We stayed at a hostel called Prague Square Hostel (the link is featured earlier in the post). We both really liked this hostel!

Location wise, you couldn’t get closer to the town square. 30 seconds, and you were literally in the heart of Prague. All the staff were so friendly and so helpful. They even took pity on Jasmine and me and let us check in early. They were phenomenal in so many ways.

The hostel was also really clean which is reassuring. Every day at 10am, the whole place was cleaned, and cleaned well.

I would 100% recommend this hostel to anyone staying in Prague!

Things to Do
If you do a Google search on Prague, these six things are most likely to pop up. They’re all easy to find, within walking distance, and are pretty significant Czech landmarks. If you stay in the Old Quarter, you’ll find them no problem. Jasmine and I were able to check out all of these!

Jewish Cemetery
Prague Castle
John Lennon Wall
Charles Bridge
Astronomical Clock
Old Town Square



Anyway, that’s about it for now! Prague was great. Europe was great. I miss it already. Cheers to past, present, and future travels!

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