my to-do list

Four hours ago, I was sitting at my desk handing out report cards, and had a hard time processing my mind thoughts. Meditation was out of the question – there was no silencing my mind. Instead, I turned to writing. Here is a list of all the things I am stressed about right now, written in a somewhat stream of consciousness style. It’s framed as major worries and then subworries or subthoughts about major worries:

  • getting my school checklist signed before 12pm
    – will the person I’m looking for be there when I go?
    – will it takeΒ forever to get one of the managers to sign it?
    – am I forgetting anything?
    – why does this feel like the Amazing Race?
  • planning the Amazing Race for next year in Kuwait
    – what will the events be?
    – how will I arrange it?
    – I wonder if people will be willing to help or if most will want to participate?
  • saying goodbye to leaving teachers
    – will I be able to say goodbye or will I have one of those, “i forgot to say goodbye moments!!!” (the worst)
  • planning for next year
    – my brain is processing the PD I just went through the past two days and now im full of all these ideas for next year – but it’s summer vacay!!!
  • figuring out airport stuff
    – storing luggage, checking in, making sure my sister’s flights are going okay, will the hotel in athens actually let her into the hotel even though I did the booking (I sent them an email though!)
  • reverse culture shock of returning home
    – seeing people back home will be great. i am SO excited. but also nervous – I’m used to Kuwait now, not Canada (but beer!!!!!!!!!)
  • did i pack everything?
  • did i unplug everything?
  • did i remember to give Storm my groceries?
    – Storm doesn’t want my groceries. Who can I pawn off my loaf of bread to!?
  • how dusty will my apartment be when i return?
  • am I forgetting anything?
  • am I forgetting anything?
  • am I forgetting anything?
    – probably yes, but we will see
  • did I pack my book for the airplane?
    – I probably won’t even read it on my 2am flight
  • andddddddd more


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